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Ash EYFS/Year 1

A new school year.

In Ash Class we are still enjoying getting to know our new friends. We have been having a circle time in which we have Jigsaw PSHE. Today we talked about what makes us the same and what makes us different. We then used Jenie our class jigsaw to pass around the circle to talk about ourselves. We have learnt a lot of new things about our friends in Ash Class.


Circle time

Spring Home Learning 2021
Spring and Summer Home Learning 2020
We have joint winners for our 'Tallest Sunflower' competition..... Florence Simmons and Jacob Tilbury, both measuring at 190cm. Well done, guys there is a prize for you at the school office. 

Great growing Albert! Is this one the winner of our competition?

Fantastic growing Florence!! Could you be the winner?

Great growing Sebastian, it looks fantastic!!

Max has done well with his sunflower growing!! Will he be the winner?

Amelia is in the sunflower competition!!

Amelie has loved making her 'Dear Farm' Book. It looks amazing Amelie!!

Jacob is hopeful he could be the winner for our tallest sunflower competition!!

Rayer has been very busy at home and enjoying our story book theme for our English. She has also celebrated her 5th birthday. Happy birthday Rayer! Now she is very excited to be returning to school to see some of her friends.

Please meet Mia, Joshua's Scarecrow he has made from recycled materials during his time in lockdown and as part of our topic work. Fantastic Joshua, well done.

Archie has had a busy time at home doing his home learning, making Lego models, learning to fish and seeing his nanny for the first time in a while.

Great to see Rory has tackled all of the telling the time sheets set, along with his diary entry and mind map. Super work. Who else has completed these? Send in your work. We would love to share it.

It's great to see what Amelie has been up to. Working hard and playing Barbie's over video link with her nanny has been the highlight of her week. Fantastic Amelie.

Everyone meet Rob! He is Albert and Walters new scarecrow they have made. Great job boys.

Harrison has worked hard with making circle patterns and then written a sentence telling us about them. Fantastic writing Harrison. Well done.

Rory has been extremely busy with his spelling work, character mask making and story writing this week. Super job Rory.

Florence has been busy with our Farmer Duck story. She has made character masks and acted out the story. Written about her favourite part of the story and changed the ending. Great work Florence.

Lovely nature art by Ash class in school

Archie has been really busy at home learning to ride his bike with no staberlisers, climbing trees, puddle splashing and building lego. You look like you have been keeping busy Archie!! Keep up the great work and see you soon.

Wow!! Who is this person? Amelie has made a lovely sheep mask from the story 'Farmer Duck' Amelie has had great fun making and acting out the story with her mask.

What a lovely way to start back to the term with completed tasks from Rory. Great work as always Rory.

Penelope has had another busy week with maths work, art and crafts and planting vegetables. Her favourite, tomatoes! Yummy Penelope, very healthy. Well done.

Great work Ryan, he has finished the last of his project work and chosen to display altogether. This looks very effective.

Penelope has been working hard with her project work. This bug home is the poshest one I have ever seen!! Penelope has been very enthusiastic with her maths challenge this week and has made a lovely picture of a ladybird. She is also very excited as is the proud new owner of a cabin bed!! Wow Penelope, this is all very exciting and I am glad you are keeping us updated, thank you.

Harrison has been working hard with his writing and written a lovely piece about his new swimming pool. Fantastic Harrison, well done.

Rory has continued to keep busy with his learning and produced some brilliant work. A lovely bug home, a very good diagram of a spider and some lovely identification work. He has also transplanted his sunflower outside as it is getting so big!! Great work Rory, well done.

Emmett has had a very busy start to the week with craft activities. He has also been painting numbers on stones from the garden and using them for his maths work. Brilliant job Emmett, great ideas.

Emmett has been busy with his home learning by thinking about stories. This is his most recent one and his mummy has written it down for him. Fantstaic Emmett. I wonder what will happen next? Has anyone else been making their own stories?

Poppy-Mae is continuing her learning with some lovely pictures. She also labelled all the body parts of her creative ladybird. Brilliant work Poppy-Mea.

Penelope has continued her fabulous learning with making a bug hotel and hunting for creepy crawlies in her garden. She has also done some super neat handwriting and learnt how to use a calculator. Great work Penelope keep it up.

As always, Jacob has made great efforts this week with his continued new life project. Pond dipping, crafts, bird drawings and making his own wormery!! So lovely to see all your hard work.

Ryan has already been busy with continuing his new life project. He has been finding out the meaning of 'nocturnal' and tracking minibeasts living in his bug home. Great work Ryan, well done.

Max has been extremely busy with his home learning. He has chosen to design and make a habitat for a frog. Max has also been drawing a picture of a frog, making frog game and writing his very own newspaper report. Amazing work Max, keep it up, well done.

Amelie has been busy making Easter crafts, transplanting her sunflower seed, continuing her lessons for ballet via zoom video link and making a life cycle for a butterfly. Fantastic work Amelie. Keep up the great work.

Poppy-Mae has continued to keep herself busy with repotting her sunflower, making a bug home and having her work published on the rainproject website. Brilliant Poppy-Mae. We are very excited to share this on our school web page.

Rory has been busy with his writing. He has written a description of the habitat he made and a newspaper report about his chosen animal. What animal did he choose? Great work Rory.

Great work Ryan. He can now ride his bike with no stabilisers, Fantastic work, well done.

Albert has conitued his learning with making a bird feeder, a volcano and his very own newspaper report. Brilliant work Albert.

Jacob has been busy making up and writing his own story. He also read and looked back through his work to make changes. Great work Jacob. Very good spellings, well done.

Penelope has been keeping busy helping her daddy to lay new flooring in her livingroom, baking delicious cakes and making things to put into a time capsule. Amazing stuff Penelope, well done.

Joshua has been working hard with writing his newspaper report, making habitats, creating cartoon characters and working hard with Beavers.

Rayer has been busy making a butterfly life cycle and a habitat for it. She has also repotted her sunflower seed because it is growing so well.

Monday 20th April 202.

Welcome back to the Summer Term!! We hope you have had a great Easter and we look forward to seeing how your home learning is going.

Albert has been very busy with his time at home. He has made a chick habitat, practise his writing, helped his daddy do the vegetable garden, build a fruit cage, grown his sunflower seeds and learnt to ride his bike with no stabilizers. Absolutely amazing Albert!! Well done.

Jacob has been continuing his learning with photographs and learning photography with the helping hand of his dad.

I love the concentration on Jacobs face. Well done Jacob.

Ryan has been working on his Titanic project making this beautiful large-scale model. Great work Ryan well done.      

Isabella and Brynley have been working extremely hard together on their project. They chose to find out about the life cycle and habitat of a butterfly. They made a habitat and have written about it. They each made flowers, eggs, trees, chrysalis, caterpillars, butterflies, grass and the sky. Wow this looks incredible. Well done both of you some fantastic team work and what a result.

A couple of weeks ago we had photographs from Eliscia showing us her incubator full of various eggs. Eliscia has been busy attending to her incubator of eggs and finally she has got baby chicks. This is an amazing result for her new life project. Eliscia’s work has not stopped there, she has been helping her daddy (A farmer-key worker) to milk the cows he looks after.  Fantastic work Eliscia. How cute do those chicks look?

Wednesday 8th April

It is lovely to see what Ash Class have been up to.


Poppy-Mae is growing her sunflower seed very well and has been busy recording its progress. She has also made a fantastic habitat for her frog. Great work Poppy-Mae.

Rayer has been busy making tangles bunting and a puppet theatre. She has had fun creating a record book for her sunflower and watching it grow. Rayer and her brother also created a rainbow den and are enjoying Joe's workouts. Rayer was superwoman for the day and did lots of exercise! She's also been busy baking chocolate chip cookies and enjoying lovely walks with her scooter. Amazing work Rayer, well done.

Florence has also been busy, celebrating her 6th birthday with a special pancake breakfast. Yum, yum!!

She has completed making a frog habitat and some incredible writing about why she chose a frog habitat. Lovely work Florence, well done.

Rory has kept himself busy making an incredible habitat for a cheetah. He has then written step by step instructions on how he made it. Rory has also written and drawn about the life cycle of a cheetah, it looks brilliant.
Wow, you have all been so busy and active!! We need to get back to school so you can all have a rest. Keep up the amazing work and stay safe.

Friday 3rd April 2020.

Wow another few busy days for some members of Ash Class.


Archie has been busy growing his sunflower seed and making a small habitat for a frog, along with finding out about its life cycle. Great work Archie.

Daniella has been busy making a small habitat. Can you guess which animal it is for? Some fantastic instruction writing and the life cycle of a butterfly. Great work Daniella, well done.

Great work Willow on planting your sun flower seed and other seedlings. You have been busy. We look forward to seeing their progress. Thank you.

Sebastian has been busy with his phonics practise and planting his sunflower seed. He has also been reading everyday. Great work Sebastian. What a lovely smile!

Joshua has been busy with online Beavers, riding his scooter and learning to write emails. He has also planted his sunflower seed and we look forward to seeing its progress. Can you guess what animal would live in this habitat?

Brilliant work Joshua, well done.

Great work everyone. Have a great Easter Holidays.

Poppy-Mae's New Life Project

Poppy-Mae is very excited to share her new life project book of a frog. She has also been very careful with growing her sunflower seed. What a fantastic design of book Poppy-Mae and very good care with your sunflower seed. I think it is going to be a very tall one.

Great Periscope Ryan!

 Ryan has also been keeping himself busy… These are just a few things he has been doing. Keep fit with Joe Wicks, making a periscope and being a vet and making sure his pet cats are healthy. Great stuff Ryan.

Happy Birthday Penelope!

Penelope has been busy celebrating her birthday and making animals from

junk modelling. Very clever, Penelope, and we hope you had a great birthday.

Jacob's New Life Project

Jacob has also started his new life project. Can you see what lives in this habitat?

Great work Jacob.

Amelie's Keeping Fit

Amelie has been busy getting fit with Joe Wicks every morning and chalking rainbows to keep people smiling.

Eliscia's New Life Project

Eliscia has started her New Life Project, using her dad's incubator to hatch four chicks eggs, thirty quails eggs and five geese eggs.

These chicks are 21 days incubation and due to hatch on 20th April.

The Quails are seventeen days and due to hatch 15th April.

The Geese are thirty one days and due to hatch 29th April.  

She will keep us updated of their progress.


Ash Class Home Learning March/April 2020.

Brilliant Beginings.

What a great start to this new term. We have changed our topic and are learning about Jungles. We started with a fabulous jungle hunt around the school, looking for animals inside, outside and all around the school. The children loved looking for pictures or different models of animals you will find in the jungle.

More recently we been thinking about these animals habitats and had a go at building them everything they will need to live.

A new start

We have started this new half term with a new topic of 'Our village'. We have begun with a walk around our village of Eyke and checking the land marks. We then made a map of our village main street. We also walked down to Eyke recreation ground to look at what was there and discuss what changes we would like to make.


Brilliant Beginings!


What a great start to our new school year. The Foundation children have settled in really well and are a great addition to our school community.


We have begun this year with our topic "The secret life of pets" with a visit from a Veterinary nurse, who helped us learn how to look after our pets, where to take them if they are hurt or sick and the work she does every day. She also brought us some friends who are staying with us for a few days, two Guinea Pigs called Salt and Pepper.

The children love having them and looking after them making sure they have fresh water and food every day.

Take a look at the pictures below at the wonderful things we have been doing so far this term.


We have had a lovely start to this half term learning about seasides. We have read the book The Storm Whale and have written some recounts and even our own stories with the ideas we got from it.

We had a fantastic morning at 'beach school' at Bawdsey Quay where we learnt all about pollution and what we can do to keep rubbish out of the sea. We did some litter picking to help to reduce these pollutants going into the ocean and keep our local beach clean. We went beach combing and found some fabulous shells and crabs and even saw a Compass Jellyfish (sadly not swimming in the sea). We also did some Beach Bingo and built our own Martello Tower. Take a look at our pictures below from our wonderful morning.

Fabulous Finish

What a wonderful half term we have had. We have traveled on a magic carpet all the way to India, China and finally to Africa! The children have loved learning about these different countries and the cultures of the people who live there. The children have worked on non- fiction text and made great information books about India. They have looked at fiction books and read a lovely story from China about a magic paintbrush and wrote their own version of it. Finally we looked at the book Handa's Surprise and did some fabulous math's using the fruits from the story. The children also dressed up as Handa and answered questions as if they were her.

Finally the children loved having the parents in to help with our Henna tattoos and have really enjoyed the mehndi designs on their hands. Thank you to all those who came in to help us with this it is not possible to enjoy these afternoons without your help.

Photos to follow.

We have been learning about India 

For the last 2 weeks we have been learning about India. The children have found out lots of facts about India and have even made a non-fiction book themselves!

We also had a teacher from Inspire come in to teach us some Indian dancing. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we got on.

Spring term in Ash Class.

What a fantastic term we have had! We have been learning all about farming, seasons and Easter.

We started the term with a fantastic visit to Easton Farm Park. We had a great time with cuddling the lambs, collecting eggs, feeding the animals and a tractor ride. Thank you to all those who gave up their time to come along and help support Ash class on the visit.

Take a look at the pictures below to see how much fun we had!


for the last two weeks we have been learning about Easter and what it means to us as Christians and to our school and community. The children have been trying to do a good deed a day throughout lent and have been receiving stickers for their efforts. They also made a beautiful flower cross in their R E Lesson.

Finally for our fabulous finish of this term both Ash class and Cedar class have made an Easter Garden which you can see at the front of the school.

A fantastic end to our topic 


We have really enjoyed this topic and to finish it off we designed and built our own Motte and Bailey castles.

We started off with thinking about what we could use to build them and how we thought we could construct it.

Next we gathered the things we would need  and tried out our designs, thank you to all those that sent things in.

We had a great time working through this project and enjoyed thinking about how to change the design when it became tricky.

Finally we wrote out instructions on how we built them so others could follow them.

Check out the pictures below to see how well these turned out!


A busy start to the new term!


We have had an exciting start to the new term with a strange discovery on Monday of an egg shaped object in our compost bin.

We also had an important letter delivered, enquiring about the objects size, colour and appearance. We are keeping an eye on the object to note any changes that may occur! Take a look at the pictures below and chat to your child about what you think it may be.

The children have been writing good descriptions of the object and may be able to answer any of your questions.

A busy few weeks.

We have had a busy time for the first few weeks of this half term. We had a great start to our new topic, Traditional Tales, with a special afternoon tea with our Grandparents who we shared some stories with. We really enjoyed making the cakes to enjoy at our Tea Party.Thank you to all those Grandparents that attended, we have had some lovely feedback and it was a great way for us to meet the children's extended family and for you too see what your Grandchildren are up to at school. We had a great afternoon as you can see from some of the photographs below.

Marvellous Maths

The foundation Children have been working very hard in their math's learning to add one more and now trying to find one less than a given number. We are finding lots of different ways to find our answer, including bead frames and bead strings as well as objects. 

A Great Start!

We have had a great start to this term, the children have settled into the routine of school life very well and are all really enjoying their time in class.

For our topic this term we have been looking at people who help us. We have been very lucky to have visits from some of those. 

Firstly we were visited by Mr Brown, a Paramedic, who brought his ambulance with him for us to look at. The children really enjoyed going on the tailgate lift to get into the ambulance and they even got to turn on the lights and the siren!

Our next visitor was Jenny the Post Person, who brought some of the equipment she uses to deliver our post every morning. We looked at the way she sorts the post when it comes into the sorting office and how she then sorts it again into the correct street and house order. That all has to be done before she even leaves the office to deliver our mail in her lovely red van!

Last week we were visited by Mr Paraskevopoulos a local Dentist. He showed us all the equipment he uses to check our teeth, he showed us the clothes he wears, the mirror and probe he puts in our mouths to check our teeth and helped us to learn how to look after our teeth. 

This week we are looking forward to our visit from the local vicar and next week we4 will meet our local Police Officer so keep a look out for our next installment. Meanwhile take a look at the pictures below of our previous visits.