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Willow Year 3

WILLOW CLASS 2021-2022

Spring Home Learning 2021

A small collection of some of the lovely things that Willow class have been doing during lockdown- January - March 2021. Lots of learning, lots of outdoor fun and a variety of arts, crafts and baking!



Spring and Summer Home Learning 2020

Stef has completed his home learning, including handwriting, spellings and comprehension. :)

Flynn has completed all of his home learning, learnt about parts of the body and created some food art.

George is star baker; again! :)

Eddie's topic work, looking at rainforest animals and designing one of his own.

Toby has been learning about the Amazon through this brilliant adventure book!

Some beautiful topic work by Matthew. Matthew has also been staying active by going canoeing at Iken, camping in the garden and riding his scooter in Aldeburgh! :)

More home learning from George, with some very neat handwriting. Great work George!

Some more home learning from Stef. Well done

Lilly has been super busy! An indoor fairy garden, a terrarium and exploring hidden gems -wow!

Stef has completed his grammar and handwriting. Well done! A lovely day of the dead mask too! :)

Eddie has been busy learning about the rainforest and completed his grammar and comprehension tasks!

More of Flynn's home learning, with lots of handwriting and grammar completed.

From the beginning of lockdown, Stef has been working on his own adventure story. This is an excellent story with action, and suspense! Well done!

What an amazing collection of work by Tiesto! Such a great mixture of art, baking, research and wonderful creativity!

Super work George with your continued home learning efforts. Even time for a spot of gardening!!

Great letter Stef, maybe you would like to be a teacher when you are older?

Great home learning Flynn. Some lovely activities to make your learning more interesting.

Stef has continued his great dedication to his home learning, well done Stef lots of work completed.

Great home learning Stef. We do love a word search.

Flynn has been working hard on his fantastic topic pieces of work. Also taking a very practical approach. Great work Flynn.

Stefanos has worked on his spellings and handwriting.

Toby's Amazon rainforest picture. And powerpoint slides. Created after watching Planet Earth, Forests, by David Attenborough. It has 4 layers and Toby added some animals and plants that may live in each strata, depending on the different light, water and temperature levels. He also liked that you could have the Amazon river within the forest and added some of the amazing animals you can find there, like the pink river dolphin.

Day Of The Dead work by Eddie!

Spelling, grammar, a folk tale and a map of America by Eddie.

Thomas has been busy with spelling and grammar work! :)

Matthew has produced some beautiful work on the U.S.A. I wish we had been able to do all of these lovely things in class! :(

Absolutely amazing topic work on the U.S.A by Thomas! Fabulous art, map work and recipes.

Grammar and spelling work completed by Eddie!

What an amazing Folk Tale by Toby. The setting is the Uros Islands in Peru and this all about how the rain came! Excellent work. And now I would love to go to Peru!

George has worked hard with all his home learning tasks but also found time to grow his own radishes, cucumbers and spinach, in his garden. They look amazing George, well done.

Flynn has been very busy with his spellings and grammar, well done!

Stef has been busy making hot chocolate. Wow this looks yummy Stef!

Toby has loved the USA project and has researched Animisim among tribes. Toby chose several animals and found out the meaning behind them. Some lovely work!

A great start back with lots of completed work from Stef. Super job, well done.

This week I am recommending East of the Sun, West of the Moon. 

A lovely little story to be listened to, or for you to read.


A selection of some of Flynn's America topic work, English and Maths, including making, baking and creating. Lots of learning opportunities.

Toby's amazing America Powerpoint!

Flynn's weather forecast! Amazing presentation skills. That's floods in Virginia not in vinegar! hee hee. :)

Still image for this video

Some of Stef's English work

Toby's amazing president research

This week's Oxford Reading Owl recommendation is The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, a fable from Greece! There are some questions for you to think about at the beginning. Let me know what you think about the fable. You could research the other 2 fables in the series, The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!' and also The Wolf and the Goat.



Oxford Reading Owl - recommendation from Mrs Smith this week is Top 10 worst jobs in history....

Stef has been working hard on his grammar and spelling. Baking has included an independently made fruit platter and some chocolate chip cookies for the America topic!

Lots of hard work from George! :)

Bethany has written a menu for an American diner and has even written an advert for staff for her new diner ! She has been learning about the different states and the presidents. Well done for learning your spellings too! :)

Toby's English tasks- great work! And an amazing story to go with his fantasy island project. :)

Flynn has been working hard on spelling patterns and adverbs! And what an amazing American bake - I love it! :)

New Topic - America!

Really looking forward to seeing and uploading your work related to this topic! :)

Toby has found out about some of the different foods across America and put them on a map by state. He chose 3 recipes from New York:- Buffalo chicken, blueberry pancakes and cookie dough! He found the recipes and re-typed the ingredients and method for the pancakes also adding in the American cup measurements which he already knew about. Toby, Tom and his mum made cookie dough with marshmallows and chocolate for lunch. He helped make brine for the chicken and spice rub. He chose potatoes, coleslaw and corn to go with them. He followed the recipe for pancakes and cooked them for the family. He chose our toppings of melted chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, lemon and maple syrup! Really tasty! Toby’s mum said they may have to eat salads for a few days! HA! Toby continues to do his reading!

Stefanos has made his own American flag and started to research America on the internet!

Bethany has already labelled the American states and written about the meaning behind the American flag! Bethany has been on a walk and collected leaves and identified the trees. She has made plaster of paris hand prints and plans to take some moulds of animal prints!

Well done for all of your amazing topic work for the Fantasy Island Project and for anything else you have done at home towards your learning over the last few weeks.

You are all brilliant!   smileyyesheart

The final parts of Flynn's project!

Stef's amazing Fantasy Island project

Mollie's Fantasy Island Of Lost Animals. With lovely writing, maps and typed up story.

Amazing project work by Thomas, with drawings, maps and a descriptive story! Love it!

Toby's map comes with a description of the island’s rivers, using geographical vocabulary. He has also learnt 6 figure map referencing using an OS map!

Tiesto has been doing all sorts of different things including DIY with his dad, helping to cook the dinner, reading with his sister and working hard on his project.

It looks like everyone is having a fabulous Easter holiday and doing some lovely things! Here are some of the things I have been up to. As you can see, Honey the cat has a busy schedule during lockdown- of sunbathing. My children have been eating eggs bigger than their heads and I have also eaten my bodyweight in chocolate crispy cakes!..oh dear🤦‍♀️

Flynn has been super busy, with some themed days- Salvador Dali day, a Spanish Day, including Spanish dancing and making shortbread!

Looks like George had a lovely lockdown birthday! Happy Birthday George! And more amazing baking! :)

Bethany has been busy over Easter, working towards her photography badge for Beavers! She has also been doing her handwriting and maths.

George working - even in his PJs! :)

Thomas has been busy dissecting owl pellets and flowers along with labelling them! He has been staying active, been busy on his project and done a spot of baking!

Toby has created a mythical adventure story as well as a map and description of 'Mew Island!' He has also made a comic strip!

Matthew has been busy on his project, lots of lovely writing. He's been baking, going out for walks and colouring with his sister!

Kiki has been learning Italian! She has also been doing some fractions in Maths and enjoying being creative with her project!

Blake's been continuing to get out on his bike!

Mollie has been having lots of cuddles with her new puppy Kiki Dee and of course her sister Betsy! She has been baking and making a bird box!

Flynn has been super busy, creating his own Greek olympics, building a trebuchet and creating an agility course for his dog Mitzi! He has also been learning about the solar system, castles, plants and volcanoes!

George should definitely be applying for Junior Bake Off, with these amazing cookies with crystallized ginger!

Steph has been busy with art and painted a lovely picture! As well as this, he has been typing up his own story and staying active with Joe Wicks and baking too!

Blake and Family have been enjoying the fresh air! :)

Bethany has been busy in the garden and working hard on her Fantasy Island project called Rain Spell. She has also been keeping on top of her maths, doing crafts and finding time to play.

George has been busy baking yummy honeycomb, growing cress, as well as looking after his hens! He has been doing Joe Wicks daily and walking Blossom the dog!