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Silver Birch 4/5

Spring Home Learning 2021
Spring and Summer Home Learning 2020

Some musical inspiration for us all. As you will already know from following our class page, Eliza was selected to perform in the final concert of the Benedetti virtual music sessions after three weeks of lessons and lots of hard work in practising her piece. Eliza was selected from the 7000 musicians across 33 countries that applied and I think you will join me in congratulating her for her achievement. I hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful music. Eliza's piece comes in around 30 minutes. 

Virtual Benedetti Sessions Celebration Concert: The Grand Finale

Welcome to our Celebration Concert: The Grand Finale Today, we celebrate three weeks of music, laughter and hard work as we come together to perform for you,...

Why not try this word search from Jacob in Elm class? It uses words that have a prefix meaning one or two.
This fabulously fun mnemonic should help you to spell your ‘enough’. Thank you Ptolemy.
Which challenges have you completed this week? 
Thursday 25th June - answers to Wednesday and Thursday's challenges.
Monday 22nd June - answers to today's maths challenges

Thursday 18th June - answers to Wednesday and Thursday's Maths challenges. 

Calculating fractions of amounts - here are some great examples. 
Monday 15th June - answers to today's Maths challenges
Some estimating and reasoning examples:
Thursday 11th June - answers to Wednesday and Thursday's Maths challenges. 
Rebecca has completed fractional wall and fraction lengths part one - thank you for these great examples! 
Thank you to Ptolemy from Elm class for providing us with some additional answers to the challenge 'more fraction bars'. These answers show the fraction that each bar represents when compared to bar 2. 
Monday 8th June - answers to today's Maths challenges.
Thank you to Aden from Elm class for these fantastic examples of solving our daily Maths challenges. 
Have you started your reading challenge yet? Which books would you recommend? 
Welcome to South America! Let's get our page full of our adventures across this fascinating continent...
Day 1 in South America
Jenson has arrived in Peru and is travelling to his hotel by train. Enjoy his mystery and terror created from the description of his surroundings. 
I hope you enjoying reading Eliza's fantastic diary entry for day 1 of her exploration of South America. She has used some excellent description and cleverly weaved in lots of facts from her research. Well done. 
Reuben's exciting journey has begun in the mountains. Another great example of detailed yet descriptive information on South America. 
Day 2 in South America
I hope you enjoy reading about these adventures in the Amazon rainforest. Can you use their descriptions to guess the animal? 
Geographical information
Layers of the rainforest

Reuben's Rain Stick

Still image for this video
Reuben decided his artwork would be to create a rain stick using the layers of the rainforest. What a great idea!
Eliza has enjoyed creating some rainforest art while also labelling her drawing to show the layers of the trees. Great work.
Rainforest poetry 
Thank you for your poem about toucans Eliza. 
Jenson has used alliteration to create this very enjoyable acrostic poem about Caimans.  
Reuben has used a fantastic range of verbs in his poem on Capuchin monkeys.
Visiting an Amazon Tribe
What have you been doing this term? Are you out in the sun or busy inside? Please share your school work, activities and anything exciting you have been doing. 
Rowan has been completing his maths, reading and spellings as well as lots of art. He has also been learning about America and doing lot of things in the garden to learn new skills and work on different cub badges. Sounds great. 
Reuben has been busy doing his school work, playing with all that fantastic Lego and visiting the beach. Looks great fun! 
Rebecca has learnt to ride her bike during lockdown. What an amazing achievement! Well done. 
Eliza has been taking part in virtual Benedetti music sessions and through her hard work and determination, she was selected for the final performance, playing Paganini Caprice number 24. Well done Eliza, we're very proud of you. 
Poppy has been busy completing her school work including spellings, dictionary work and modal verbs. 
Michelle has written a summary of Here Comes Trouble from the Oxford Owl website. Thank you very much! 
Well done to everyone who has worked super hard on their times tables this week. Here are our top three scorers from week three: 
No change at the top this week! The winning scores were 2042, 1782 and 1276. Well done to everyone for taking part. 
Today (Friday 8th May) is VE day or Victory in Europe day. We remember this day because on the 8th May 1945, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that World War 2 was over. At the time, this would have been celebrated with huge crowds sharing food, drink, music and parties in the street. For our VE day this year, we will be celebrating at home, however, maybe you have done something special to mark the occasion and can share it with our class? 

Time to start filling our page with our new project - The Americas. Thank you Isabel for getting us off to a racing start! 


Our first introduction. Thank you Eliza for thinking about how to engage your reader. 
Jenson has created his weather and climate quiz. Maybe you can put yourself to the test and see how many you can answer? Good luck!
Our first record of populations across the American states. Excellent data handling Jenson!
Our first piece of artwork. Thank you Reuben.
A great selection of work from William as well as some personal experience to add to his project. Well done and thank you for sharing! 
Jackson has decided to write about the Hollywood sign for his famous American landmark. Great work! 
Maisie has made a Barack Obama and Native American fact file. 
Fancy doing some Science? Maybe this video will inspire you to have a go at this or an experiment of your own. Thank you for sharing this fabulously fun experiment Eliza.  

Exploding Lolly Sticks

Still image for this video
Follow this link to try it yourself:

Mrs Frost’s exploding lolly sticks

Still image for this video
What fun this was to try! 
Can you recommend a good read? Tell us all about an Oxford Owl favourite of yours for us to add to the page. 
Here is a review of The Secret Garden - thank you Eliza. 
Thank you for reviewing The Secret Garden Jenson. 
Reuben has also drawn a picture based on the description in 'I Wish I Was A Pirate'. I wonder if we could write our description from these pictures? 

Michelle has been reading Pirate Poems and has used the description in 'I Wish I Was A Pirate' to draw her own. She has also thought about the structure of 'Pirate Song'. 

Here is Jenson's book review of Mythical Beasts and Fabulous Monsters.
Here is Eliza's review of Mythical Beasts and Fabulous Monsters. 

Here is Reuben's book review of Stinky Street.

I enjoyed the book. I would recommend it for someone to read because it is a funny story. 

Franklin really didn’t want to leave his street.  He played lots of funny tricks to make sure. Even I was surprised by burps through the door!


It had a great ending for the reader and for Franklin.

Thanks for this recommendation Jackson.
Eliza has also review 'So you want to build a Castle?'. Thanks Eliza. 

Jenson's not so sure about 'So you want to build a castle?'. Here is his book review: 


Eliza has enjoyed reading Air Raid on the Oxford Owl website. Here is her book review: 


NAME: Eliza     DATE:  28 /04/ 2020



😊 TITLE: Air raid!


😊 AUTHOR: Jean May


😊 RATE:  yesyesyesyes


😊 ABOUT: 2 boys in the war who saved a dog and had an adventure through an underground restaurant and go back to where they started which is where the bomb that was there was.  




😊 BEST PART: When they found their mother again and they all went home.


😊 Would I recommend it?  : Yes I would it is good for people who like to learn about the war because it was set then.


😊 WORST CHARACTER: I have none.

Thank you for your review of 'Making a Book' Michelle.


It is an interesting book.
The book tells us how a book is made.
You need a publishing team to help make the book.
The book tells us about the book's layout and designing the book's cover.
The book shows illustration for example images,photos and pictures. Illustrations also have
captions which are texts that add more information.
This book is helpful to children or parents who want to make their own books.



Another review of 'Making a Book'. Thank you Reuben. 


This is a book about books about strategies of making a book, and different jobs people do.


It has been presented in chapters about teams. There is a different subject on each page. There is pictures and diagrams.  It uses fact boxes for writing. it is colourful.


I would recommend thid book because it gives information in a simple way, but is still fun.  It mite encourage children to be an author. 

Our first book review - great recommendation Isabel.


Making a book, I would recommend this book because it has a lot of useful facts included on how to write a book.

The way they have set this out is very eye catching for the reader and would grab the reader's attention and make them want to read more.

I found the contents of making a book very intriguing, I enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to my friends and family for them to read.

Not an Oxford Owl but a great read anyway: 
Have you completed a Maths challenge this week? Here's how these class members have been getting on: 
Well done to Rhiannon for working hard on these time challenges. 
Jenson has worked hard on the statistical challenge. 
More problem solving. Well done Eliza. 
Jenson has tried Maze 100. He completed it in 3 attempts - super problem solving Jenson. 
Rebecca has also tried to make 100 - great job. Can anyone else find another way?
Lilly has made 100 once -  her top tip: the first row must add up to a tens number. Super problem solving Lilly. 

Welcome to the summer term! 


Jenson has been fishing this week - look at that catch! He has been busy getting his school work done.

A great range of school work from Michelle. Well done

Some school work from Poppy this week. Well done!

Some spelling practise from Jackson too.

Some Maths and spelling work from Reuben.

Rhys has been busy practising his proof reading and formal methods in Maths this week.

Jenson has been completing his school work.

Poppy has been busy practising time, doing her times tables, completing her grammar and reading tasks and going on a nature scavenger hunt.

Reuben had a go at Kung Fu punctuation. Great pictures.

Eliza has been reading, walking, biking and playing Roblox with friends this week. Here are some examples of her school work.

Rhys has been on TT Rock stars, reading, working on his school project, baking, walking and taking a swim in his outdoor pool.

Eliza has been busy working hard on her school work this week.

Michelle has been keeping active and working hard on her school work.

Jenson has had a watercolour art class with his Grandad on zoom.

Jackson has made Charlie a birthday cake - it's making me hungry!

Rebecca has been busy practising her spellings.

Jenson has been doing his grammar work - love these expanded noun phrases!

Rowan has been cracking codes, doing lots of drawing and exploring the outdoors!

Lilly has been doing some baking - looks delicious!

How are your projects going? Can we fill our page with tasks for your fantasy islands?   
Silver Birch Class are keeping very busy during their time off from school. Here are some of the things they have been doing in the spring term: 

Bike rides, board games, video chats, TT Rock stars, spellings and Science! Sounds super Eliza. Here's some pictures she has shared:

Sid and Edi have been inspired to practise their letter writing skills, as well as doing some Maths, History and Science!

Reuben has certainly made the most of the lovely weather we've been having.

Don't forget to practise your musical instruments - here's Eliza playing her viola.

Luke has been spending lots of time using his learning of our rivers topic to create his own floating river project using recycled materials.

Some more from Rowan...

Katelynn has been getting creative with chalk creating a police officer - love the stripey dress!

William and Thomas have been finding lots to do to keep themselves physically and mentally active. They have dissected and labelled parts of a flower, built a bug habitat and made clay models.

They have also been exercising, baking and completing some Maths and English.

Rowan has been very busy building a clock, walking Buttons, gardening and digging for dinosaurs!

He has also been working on his school work with some hand writing practice.

Some more from Eliza - great perseverance building this international space station in one day!

Maisie has been practising her viola and making a bird box.

Eliza is enjoying crafts and learning all about South Africa!

Lilly is keeping busy doing her My Maths and Fantasy Island project.

Ducking Down the Deben