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Cedar Year 2

Spring Home Learning 2021
Spring and Summer Home Learning 2020

Grace is still doing an amazing job with her home learning, well done two more days to go!!

Congratulations to Cedar Class for our win on TTRockstars! This battle was from 17th- 30th June. A big well done to Aiden (Billie Bruno) for being our most valuable player for the second time.

Grace is working hard on her reading and writing. Well done Grace some beautiful writing.

Well done Polly with your work.

Grace is working hard with her reading and comprehension. Brilliant work Grace, well done.

Grace has been busy with lots of extra learning to help with her phonics. Well done Grace.

Congratulations to Cedar Class for our win on TTRockstars! This battle was from 1st-14th June. A big well done to Aiden (Billie Bruno) for being our most valuable player.

Look at Aiden's scarecrow. He looks awesome. What' his name? Where does he live?

Everyone meet Rob! He is Walter and Alberts new scarecrow. Great work boys.

Joshua has been busy with his 'Farmer Duck' story. Great spellings with story writing and acting.

Reggie has been busy this week with his learning of the 'Farmer Duck' story. He printed out some character masks to act out the story, wrote about his favourite part of the story and changed the story with different characters. Great work Reggie, well done.

Cedar's home learning page- May 2020

Congratulations to Cedar Class for our third win on TTRockstars! This battle was from 25th-31st May. A big well done to Mason (Rene Sorry) for being our most valuable player for the fifth time.

Congratulations to Cedar Class for our second win on TTRockstars! This battle was from 17th-24th May. A big well done to Mason (Rene Sorry) for being our most valuable player for the fourth time.

Silas has been busy doing his work this week and the maths challenges. He has also been busy gardening and has planted three pumpkin plants that he grew from a seed on his windowsill. As well as this, he has been joining his sister with fun crafts.

Aiden wanted me to share with you some pictures of his favourite day in lockdown so far. On Friday 15th May he and his family celebrated National Pizza Party Day by having their very own pizza party. Aiden started off by making his own pizza dough and then adding his own topping when the dough was ready. He made his own food and drinks menu and done some pizza fraction work. He played pizza bingo, had a pizza slices scavenger hunt and made paper plate pizzas with his little brother. After he had eaten his pizza feast he counted out the money to pay the bill. Aiden said it was the best day ever!

Polly has had a busy week, finishing off her project, reading, the grammar exercises and TTRockstars and my maths. She has also been playing in the paddling pool and having fun with water balloons. Well done Polly for completing the maths challenge and grammar challenge!

Jonathan has been busy doing the maths challenges and his grammar work on verbs.

Alfie enjoyed reading East of the Sun and West of the Moon!

Congratulation to Cedar Class for beating Willow Class in the battle on TTRockstars from 10th-17th May! A big well done to Mason (Rene Sorry) for being our most valuable player for the third time. I would also like to say well done to Aiden for coming in a very close 2nd place!

Some lovely colourful work from Josh!

Polly has been busy with TTRockstars, MyMaths, the grammar exercises, maths challenges and the oxford owl reading activities as well as her project. She has been out for walks, her bike and scooter and has been playing bingo with her grandparents over zoom. She has also been playing her violin a lot and is taking part in the Nicola Benedetti virtual sessions which started this week.

Grace has been doing a times table treasure hunt! Grace has also been learning some homophones. Grace has really enjoyed working on money in maths.

Well done Alfie for tackling the maths challenges!

Aiden has continued to look at his project work and in particular nocturnal animals. He has made some paper plate animals. For VE day, Aiden designed a new medal, made an eggless chocolate cake using a WW2 recipe, junk modelled a tank and place and made poppy wreaths out of egg boxes to go up in the window. As this week is National Save Water week, Aiden has learnt about the water cycle and ways that water is wasted and can be saved. He has conducted some science experiments on this theme including one on evaporation and condensation, one on how clouds rain and one on filtering dirty water. Aiden particularly liked the how clouds rain and the filtering water ones. He continued with his English and Maths work particularly focussing on learning his 5 times table off by heart. He has used some times tables cards to put the answer next to the sums and the sums next to the answers both in and out of order.

Jonathan's lovely chicken habitat!

Well done to Silas who has also completed this week’s maths challenges. Silas has also been busy with the bug habitat. He made a grand bug hotel from an old doll’s house and will continue to fill it and record the guests. Silas has drawn a lovely bumblebee! He has made a boardgame with his dad which he has loved learning to play and he has also been learning lots of card games and can play “patience” solo. He climbed a big tree with his sister on one of his walks. It is his Grandma’s 70th birthday this weekend and he has used a magnifying glass to create a wooden “Grandma” artwork for her since he cannot be with her to celebrate.

Well done to Harvey who has tackled this week's maths challenge!

A well very well done to Polly (Sonny Weatherby) for being the most valuable player on TTRockstars! This battle was from 2nd- 9th May 2020.

Here is some more work from Grace. Grace has also completed the challenges- well done!

Polly has been busy with her project, MyMaths, TTRockstars and the work set this week including the challenges! Well done Polly.

Aiden has completed the challenge on adjectives! Well done.

Silas really enjoyed the math challenges for this week! Brilliant work Silas!

Aiden's fantastic work on this weeks maths challenge!

Grace has really enjoyed doing her mymaths homework. She has been for a lovely walk to find bug for her project. She has also been busy practicing her spellings. She has been reading and has watched story time with Miss Fairweather! Well done Grace!

Jonathan has been busy doing art, football, lego and watching top gear and seven worlds one planet. He has read many story books of which his favourite is ‘What do springs do’ because it has motor cross bikes. What a lovely letter Jonathan! He has also completed his grammar task for the week.

Reggie has been busy making his own potion station with some off cut pieces of wood and nails and his very own hammer!

A well very well done to Mason (Rene Sorry) for being the most valuable player for the second time on TTRockstars! This battle was from 14th- 30th April.

Grace has finished her lovely habitat and has written some instructions on how to make it. She has also drawn the life cycle of a butterfly and created a newspaper article about a butterfly. Lovely work!

Polly has completed her home learning tasks on capital letters (even the challenge- well done) and the oxford owl reading activities! Polly has also been working hard on MyMaths, TTRockstars, Numbots and her reading. This weekend she is going to build her bug hotel with her dad and will be going on a bug hunt. She is also writing regularly to her friends and helping out with lots of baking.

Reggie has been building his own bug home. He has also written a combination of instructions and recount of how to make a bug home. He needed to repot his sunflower seed as it was growing really well!


Cedar's home learning page- March/April  2020

Josh has created a lovely habitat! His sunflower is growing well and he has also been writing down his observations of its growth.

Walter is looking forward to the new part of the topic as he really enjoys bug hunting and bird watching. He has not been as busy this week as unfortunately he had an accident with his thumb (thankfully not broken) but it is very sore. He has amazingly managed to still play the Viola and complete some work on the computer and do some baking. He has also enjoyed lots of walks in the lovely sunshine with his family. He has made volcanoes and bird feeders.

Grace is doing really well with her exercises on her bike and in the garden. Grace is loving maths and times tables still. She is currently working on a poster about England. Grace has also got some Year 1 booklets from the welfare on barracks and is enjoying it.

Polly has finished her life cycle habitat for a chicken which she really enjoyed. She has also been doing badge work for Rainbows, her latest being the Family Tree badge. She has been doing lots on MyMaths! She really enjoys it as well as TTRockstars. She’s spoken to her friends via video chat and she’s been writing letters and she has been keeping a diary. Unfortunately, her sunflower seeds never grew but a kind neighbour gave her some. Polly and Eliza are enjoying checking on them and making sure they are watered enough. She has been walking through the woods and doing lots of baking.

Silas has made 20 meatballs! He has worked on his coronavirus time capsule and he has been doing his homework on the computer.

Aiden has been keeping busy with reading, writing and maths. His favourite maths activity has been playing Mathopoly. He has been playing the addition and subtraction to 100 version and the 2,5 and 10 x table version. He has also been doing lots of art and craft activities including hand animals and leaf printing. He has been working towards lots of different Beavers badges too including his cycling, book reader, cook and photographer badge.

Reggie has been very busy creating and planting in his vegetable patch.

Josh has finished his project habitat!

Isabella has been working hard on her project with her brother Brynley. They chose to find out about the life cycle and habitat of a butterfly. They have made a habitat and have written about it. They made flowers, eggs, trees, chrysalis, caterpillars, butterflies, grass and the sky.

Walter has been very busy of the Easter holidays. He has especially enjoyed the lovely weather doing lots of jobs outside and helping his dad with fencing and building a fruit cage as well as in the vegetable garden. He has also been busy with his work practising his handwriting and enjoying his maths. He has also completed a turtle habitat. He has also built a bug home in the garden and had fun on his bike.

Polly has been doing numbots, TTrockstars and MyMaths which she has been enjoying. She has also been looking at coordinates and plotting things/finding things on a map. She is still doing her project; she has been looking at a chick and it’s life cycle. She has drawn the life cycle and made her newspaper. She has also her box and straw ready to make a habitat! Polly is still having violin lessons with Mrs Dobing and practices every day. She really enjoys it. She has bene doing PE with Joe Wicks and puts just dance on their telly just like at school! Her favourite is still the monkey dance. Polly has been ploughing through her reading books because she just loves to read. She has started looking at the oxford owl ones and says there is a great selection!

Well done to Mason (Rene Sorry) for being our most valuable player in TTRockstar (3rd-10th April).

Grace has been working hard to earn a chocolate freddo in her times table test! She took a step forward for every correct answer and a step backward for an incorrect answer. With only two steps backwards she managed to reach the chocolate! She is really enjoying her maths at the moment and when the choice of what to do was given to her, she chose to do times tables. Grace has also been getting some exercise by going for a bike ride.

Silas has been very busy with his wildlife pond project. His tortoise has also emerged from the garden having come out of hibernation! The tortoise is called Herb!

Well done to Connie (Kim Leonard) for being our most valuble player in our TTrockstar battle last week (27th March-3rd April).

Well done to Aflie (Beth Slim) for being our most valuable player and scoring the highest amount of points in the recent battle against Willow Class on TTrockstars!

Connie has been doing a mixture of exercise including walks, Joe wicks, gonoodle and just dance. She has also been doing Oti's dance routines and learning some ballet. She has enjoyed doing crafts including making her butterfly habitat. She has been practicing her spellings and handwriting. We have also been playing shops to practice with money. Connie has also took on the challenge to battle willow class on ttrockstars! She has started to make a book about 2 robots Billy and Milly which Miss Greenhow can't wait to read!

Nate has drawn a lovely policeman in chalk!

Josh has been very busy and working hard since the school has been closed. He has made a rainbow and a sun to put on his windows. He has been keeping fit by going for a walk with mummy, brother and dog Rosie. He has also been doing PE with Joe every morning and playing football with Rosie in the garden. Josh has beenworking very hard with his handwriting and spelling and he has been using chalk outside for this too. Josh has also been helping teach his baby brother things. MIss Greenhow is looking forward to your frog project.

Grace has been working on time and counting money in the morning!

Aiden has been very busy! He really enjoyed making an African Savanna for his small world habitat. He has also been doing gardening with his dad and has planted sunflowers, tomatoes and potatoes. His mum has been helping him with some maths and has been practising fractions, money and timetables. As well as this he has been playing outside in the garden and with hopscotch. Miss Greenhow thinks the monster book marks you have been making sound very cool!

Mrs Bell said that even though art is not her thing, she had a go at creating this! She persevered and has produced a lovely pointillism dragon.

Alife has been busy practicing his handwriting. Miss Greenhow is looking forward to seeing your handwriting after all this practice!

Polly has been very busy with timetables, writing letters, writing sentences and spelling. She has also been baking, planting her sunflower, purple mash, mymaths and making Easter crafts out of toilet roll! As well as this, she has been exercising either to PE with Joe, just dance or on my bike! Miss Greenhow is hoping that your sunflower will soon start to grow!

Josh has been looking after his sunflower very well! Josh has also been busy working hard on mymaths, phonics play and oxford Owl. Below is a photo of Josh measuring his sunflower growth so far. Miss Greenhow is looking forward to hearing about the growth in a couple of weeks time.

Silas has been keeping very busy and will be making a wildlife pond in the garden with the family. He has started preparing by drawing a picture of the pond and the wildlife it might have. He is going to a make a lovely sign that reads "give nature a home". He has also been learning to play monopoly with his dad and sister. As well as this, he has made a toilet robot! Miss Greenhow cannot wait to hear all about your pond project when we return to school.

Grace has been working very hard with her mummy. She has been enjoying her timetables and working with clocks. She has been adding and counting money. Miss Greenhow looks forward to hearing about your funny story that you are going to write for your brother!

Mrs Bell has been keeping her brain active with a few crosswords and puzzles.

Miss Greenhow has been keeping busy with some pointillism!